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  • How are your custom cakes priced?
    A custom cake is made just for you, this means that it is also priced just for you depending on a variety of different factors. We do not have standardized custom cake prices nor can we give you a price quote based on a photo alone. The base price per cake is based first on the number of sevings. We do not price cakes per pound, per tier, etc. Custom cakes START at $6 per serving. The price then increases from there based on the intricacy of the design, the level of skill required to execute it, the amount of time for completion, and the cost of materials.
  • I'd like a custom, multi tiered cake for less than 25 people. Is that possible?"
    A minimum of 25 servings is required for a custom ONE TIER cake. A TWO TIER cake has a minimum of 40 servings. If you would like custom cake for less than 25 that is possible! However, your price quote will reflect a cake for 25 servings for a one tiered cake or 40 servings for a two tiered cake. Alternatively, we offer dessert style cakes pictured HERE which do not have a minimum size requirement.
  • My event is less one week away. Can I order a custom cake?
    It does not hurt to ask, however the expectation should be that we will not be able to plan, price, and execute a custom cake order in that amount of time. Custom cakes typically require a minimum of 3-4 weeks notice though we are occasionally able to accomodate last minute requests. Additionally, though we may not be able to do the exact cake you are requesting, there may be other alternatives which may work with our schedule.
  • How far ahead should I order my cake?
    Typically 4 weeks is sufficient time. However, during our busier cake months (April, May, June), we suggest that you send your inquiry in 6-8 weeks before your planned event.
  • I need a cake and my event is less than 48 hours away. What should I do?
    Ready made cakes are available for same day purchases and last minute orders. Please call the store of your choice to inquire about short notice options.
  • Do you offer delivery?
    Yes! There are delivery minimums and fees depending on location. If you will be requesting delivery, please provide delivery location information in your inquiry.
  • Do you offer vegan or glutten free cakes?
    We do not offer vegan or glutten free cakes at this time. Additionally, our cakes can not be modified to alter sugar or fat content to accomodate specific customer requests.
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